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Extended Range Foundations

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SSI's Extended Range programs empower scuba enthusiasts to experience the thrill of cavern diving, extend their bottom times, and experience the thrill of exploring reefs and wrecks. Go deeper with the xr, foundations, extended range nitrox diving, extended range (trimix) and technical extended range (trimix) programs. These programs allow you to acquire the highest levels of diving knowledge and skills. Go deeper and push the limits with SSI Extended Range.
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Escuela de buceo: Técnicos - Extended Range Foundations

SSI's Extended Range Foundations program offers all divers the opportunity to further their advanced diving skills in a formative workshop environment. Learn and develop your basic skills to master buoyancy, trim, finning techniques, positioning and communication. The Extended Range Foundations program provides complementary training to existing certifications to improve diver confidence and control in the water.

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Escuela de buceo: Técnicos - Extended Range Nitrox Diving

Designed as a stand-alone program or as a springboard to becoming an SSI Extended Range Diver, this enriched air diving program teaches fundamental skills for all future technical programs. You can plan and perform limited decompression dives up to 40 meters deep.

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Escuela de buceo: Técnicos - Extended Range

This program is designed to use trimix as the breathing gas to reduce inert gas narcosis and increase diver safety. Air certification is available in those areas where access to helium is not possible.

** If diver already has Extended Range Nitrox Diving SSI (or equivalent), price is 400€ less.

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Escuela de buceo: Técnicos - Technical Extendend Range

The SSI Technical Extended Range program builds on the skills and techniques learned as an SSI Extended Range Trimix Diver. With a technical equipment and total scuba system, Extended Range twin-tank or side-mount, the Technical Extended Range program provides divers with the training they need to plan and perform unlimited mixed-gas decompression dives to 60 meters deep.

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