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Your dream of becoming a mermaid is not a fairy tale. you have it a ponytail away. Becoming a mermaid is a great way to stay in shape and enjoy the freedom of moving underwater with a tail. in the ssi mermaid program, you will learn everything you need to swim comfortably in confined water with mermaid equipment. it's an adventure the whole family can enjoy and, when done in a pool/confined water, you can become an ssi mermaid anywhere you live.


Try Mermaid

Become a mermaid with SSI

Don't have the time to become an SSI Mermaid? The Try Mermaid program offers you a great introductory experience to Mermaid in a confined water environment. Learn the first skills needed to become a mermaid and swim with a tail and earn your Try Mermaid recognition card. It will be very easy for you to upgrade your certification to Mermaid from SSI with additional training. Our Snorkel Diver program is another great way to discover your inner mermaid and learn everything you need to snorkel safely and with confidence. Find out how to become a mermaid with SSI today.
Escuela de buceo: Sirenas - Try Mermaid

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a mermaid? Enroll in SSI's Try Mermaid program and make your dreams come true! You will have a complete mermaid experience with an SSI professional in the pool/confined water and learn the skills of an entry-level mermaid, including monofin swimming. Earn the Try Mermaid recognition qualification from SSI. This program is ideal for enrolling later in the SSI Mermaid program. Get started today!

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Escuela de buceo: Sirenas - Ocean Mermaid

This Ocean Mermaid training provides you with all the skills and techniques you need to maximize your experience as a mermaid, feel truly comfortable in the water, and get the most out of your gear. It is the most recommended next step to embark on your adventures as a mermaid and truly experience the wonders of the ocean.

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Escuela de buceo: Sirenas - Model Mermaid

This is the best mermaid model course to learn the skills and concepts you need to successfully interact with a photographer or videographer as a mermaid. After some theoretical sessions and some practices in the water, we will do a mermaid modeling session in the sea or in the pool so that you have digital photos for your social networks or to print and be the envy of the "terrestrial" ones.

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Escuela de buceo: Sirenas - Mermaid

The mermaid course is an excellent way to keep fit, improve your swimming and freediving skills. Enjoy the freedom of moving underwater with a tail and show all your beauty and underwater skill to be the envy of the land.

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